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The bigger picture

I’ll admit my pictures can be a little deceiving. YOU get to see a sparkly gemstone or shiny silver earrings, but what you don’t see is the crazy cat begging for second breakfast or morning dishes left on the kitchen table. This whole jewelry setup, pictures and all happen in our home. At times, I’ve taken over the coffee table, the bedroom, my husband’ s office, and the kitchen sink. Yes, there is no sacred place where jewelry can’t be fabricated, shined, polished, or photographed.



Things aren’t always what they seem.  Its fun to know I have a little secret about what happens in the background.

Kind of like this…


Pretty, pretty Amazonite.

I have a small, Magnolia tree in the side yard and those leaves seemed like a excellent place for a photo op. I moved the ring from leaf to leaf trying to get the right lighting, perfect leaf, best angle and so on. Of course, what makes this amusing is the perspective. Taking a few steps back changes things.



And just a few more steps back?


Haha! Life isn’t always a perfectly curated, sparkling, ring. Sometimes its dirty fences, a trucking highway and grain storage.


And a cell phone tower and a broken, kiddie pool.


No earth shattering lessons here, just some fun behind the scenes <3