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Life distracted


If I were to tell you one thing about myself, it would be this: I am a terrible multitasker.  Of course, I can if I have to, but to be honest, I don’t do it well.   The older I get the more I’ve learned to embrace this single tasking mindset.  Over the years, I realized that most things that I do, need all my attention and it’s not easily divided.

It’s amazing how busy our lives are.  It seems so hard to escape the hurriedness. Tending to needs, caring for our family, jobs,  friends, cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring and on and on; and those are things we do for others! Usually, we haven’t even begun to care for ourselves.

Life is busy. But I’m not talking about busy, I’m talking about distracted.

Because in all those moments of busy, we’re offered moments to relate and enjoy and connect. We get to experience smiles and hurt and laughs and tears and REAL life.



We live in a time where we are constantly “connecting”. Devices that connect us with the rest of the world in one click or finger swipe.

But I’ve found for myself, that the more I “connect” in a social media world, the more I actually disconnect with the real, LIVE people right in front of me.


It’s about to get real:

How many times have I found myself absorbed in emails to find my kid has been talking to me and I never heard a word.  Or how about my husband and I sitting in a room to never say a thing but just stare at our phones (ouch).  Ever been on the receiving end? When someone chooses their phone over you? Guilty.

I know, I know, it’s not all bad!

But it is the idea of creating boundaries for myself.

Being true to the people around me, being intentional in how I spend my time and being present and fully experiencing the moment at hand. I’m still learning to exercise these boundaries. That family time and work time do not belong in the same time slot. That my time is better spent reading stories to my kids than mindless scrolling online updates. That silence between partners can be dangerous territory.

A couple years ago I began this journey of intention. I fail, I learn, I keep going. I think a lot of us deal with distraction. Maybe you can relate to my story or perhaps just fill in the blank with what keeps you from being present. It’s your story, but perhaps we share the commonality of wanting to actively engage in our lives.


I made this as a reminder to myself. Reminders are good, sometimes annoying, but they keep us accountable and committed.

I’m far from having this thing figured out. I certainly do NOT have my days scheduled into nice and tidy categories. There is busyness and there are distractions. But there is absolutely a shift when you begin to acknowledge choices and choose well.

  What about you, have been caught in life distracted?




2 thoughts on “Life distracted

  1. Ah! I recently began being aware of how distracted I am when my husband is talking to me when he gets home. I feel like I’m always tying up loose ends by the time he gets home, and when he talks, I often have to ask him what he said. Not good. I know it hurts him, so I’ve been trying harder to finish my work by the time he arrives so I can be present. We’re both also trying to be more intentional with each other by turning off the T.V. and talking in the evenings. It’s really hard, but I can feel a difference in the air when we do. Great post!

    1. Oh man, I totally get this! What did people do before TV anyway? 🙂 It is so true though, talking and connecting is what makes our relationships great, so simple right? Yet a challenge to practice. Good for you guys!

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