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Easy (and Cheap!) Cabinet Makeover


I LOVE a DIY project! IMG_8542Pinterest

The cheaper, the better. The shorter, the better. Everything on hand? Yes, better. Get it done while the kids are taking a bath? Better. Before Mr. P comes home from work? Yes, EVEN better. And that is why this project is too awesome not to try!


Initially, this cabinet makeover was suppose to be free, but I’ll explain as we tutorialize, 😉 Either way, this makeover is super low cost. So what do you need?

  • Boring cabinets or bookshelves
  • Cardboard
  • Awesome fabric (think upcycling fabric, curtains, tablecloths, etc… if you want  to do this project at no cost)
  • Packing tape
  • Scissors 

Seriously, that’s all you need!


Boring cabinet with random stuff? Check

First, clean out the cabinet, remove doors, brackets, shelving and braces.

IMAG3311Measure the whole cabinet area and cut the cardboard accordingly. If you are upcycling fabric (I used a tablecloth at first), you can get away with not cutting the fabric. In this case, I wasn’t sure if I would want to use it later and couldn’t bring myself to cut it. Starting on one side of the carboard, fold over the fabric and tape. Once that side is secure, work on the opposite side of the carboard so that your fabric stays taut. Fold, tape, fold, tape. You get the idea.

It IS best if you can cut down the fabric, leaving an inch or two overhang to fold over the cardboard, but just fyi, it is doable to do like the above picture. Without the extra fabric on the back of the board, it does make for a smoother fit. Once you finished taping the fabric onto the board, place inside the cabinet and install the shelves (it keeps the cardboard in place and no need to adhere the it to the back of the cabinets)

Ah, see? The shelves keep the cardboard and fabric up nicely.



I ended up searching high and low for fabric that would compliment the existing tablecloth but I could NOT find anything I liked. Until I found this! Ohhhhhhh. This is where the free to low cost comes in to play. This fabric was $5 a yard and I only needed 2 yards for 3 cabinets. Total project cost was only $10!

Of course, it didn’t match, but because the cardboard had already been cut, it took no time at all to swap the fabric! And in a short matter of time, I ended up with this.



Even the weird place over the fridge looks better.



What do you think? Are you going to give this project a try? If you do, let me know how it went! 



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By the light of the silvery moon..

There is something stunning about a quiet, cloudless night. The moon, the stars, a million voices ringing out….silently. I pure love it! And when creating pieces, I tend to zone in on one particular thing and want to create everything in and around it.  Right now I’m loving blue & greens, oceans &waters, the sun and the moon. So when I had this random little circle piece left over from another project, I immediately saw: MOON.  Do you see it? 🙂


Ah, see it now? Just finished firing it (yep, yuck)


But what’s the moon without the North Star?


Sand, polish, sand, polish…you get it right? Doesn’t make much sense to leave it nice and shiny when its dark out. 😉 


Finished silver moon and North Star.


Do you see it now? 🙂

Find this piece and more like it at the Etsy Shop.

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Hello! A way to communicate…

If there is one thing that I’ve learned from revamping this site it is that I prefer talking in person! I REALLY prefer talking in person. It’s easy, open you mouth and stuff comes out. No programming, no fancy coded bracket thingys, no passwords….just talk. I can do that. I’m positive that if you were to open up my brain and see the part that understands language…computer language that is, well it would be dry rot. Ha!  So, its fair to say this new site is a labor of love, for me at least. I enjoy showing off the end product of a keepsake, when its new and shiny and when the lighting is just right, but everything behind the piece is where the real “magic” happens. That’s what I love and I hope to share. The “who” of Lew’s Jewelry.


Sterling Silver Wide Bang Ring. $75

So, as simplistic and to the point as it is, I’m so glad Lew’s Jewelry is up and running and introduces a new way to communicate from me to you. Not only will I be able to give some great sneak peeks into the process of creating these pieces but the inspiration behind them! That is what I’m so excited about, a chance to peel back not just the “What is Lew’s Jewerly?” but the “Who is Lew’s Jewelry”.  Stay tuned!





Thank you for joining me -Lew